Our Capabilities

  • Planning

    If content is king, context is Kong! Every strategy starts with the realities of the past and present – what your customers perceive and want, what conditions affect the market, what your competitors are saying and doing and what you’ve said and done previously. We take all this into account before we address what you should communicate in the future.

  • Communication

    Creating compelling brand narratives to affect how people think, feel and act.

  • Conversation

    Crafting unique brand personas that resonate with the brand's audience and encourages engagement and interaction.

Kanchan Datta

CEO and Director

Sugata Guha

Co-Founder and Director

Siddhartha Sankar Ray

Associate Creative Director

Avijit Arinda

Associate Creative Director

Waindrilla Saha

Associate Account Director

Arnab Das

Sr. Copywriter - English

Aaranya Roy

Sr. Copywriter - Bengali

Avik Basu

Studio Head

Sujit Chatterjee

Art Director

Pallabi Mitra

Account Manager

Noel Raj Datta

Account Manager

Sukanya Khan

Sr. Account Executive

Ravi Kumar Golla


Nilimesh Mondal

Video Editor

Sujahan Das

Jr. Copywriter - Bengali

Sudam Barman


Santanu Sadhukhan


Raja Naskar

Office Manager

Coming Soon